Congratulations! You’ve finished writing, be it a blog, article, brochure, newsletter, annual report, or website. Before you expose that writing to the world, you need to improve your chance of success by having it copyedited and proofread. Those two words are not interchangeable. They require different skills that produce different results.

Proofreading is more than just catching typos. It involves an understanding of the English language and correcting grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. Copyediting can improve the overall quality of your writing by enhancing flow and readability.

Spellcheckers are not infallible, and grammar checkers can provide misguided advice to produce a different meaning than you intended. While valuable tools, they will not detect many types of errors. provides a service on two levels:

  • grammatical and mechanical (language use, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and how numbers are rendered)
  • analytical and judgmental (looking for problems and solving them).

For more information about the services we offer, check out Why do I need an editor?