As sole proprietor of, I am the person who will do your copyediting and proofreading. Your work will not be subcontracted to a third party, and I will be honest about how I can help you. If you need a service I don’t provide, I’ll do my best to put you in touch with someone who can (through the Editorial Freelancers Association).

My editing will not change the substance of your writing. My job is to interpret your meaning and clarify that for your readers. The only reason word order or word change might occur is so that readers can grasp the meaning of a sentence clearly. The final decision is yours to accept or not.

Some of the things involved in your project could include:

  • organization and focus of material

  • correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • improve the clarity of an idea or concept

  • look for consistency in terms and tone

  • maintain typography and graphic appearance

  • verify facts and statistics

I use many resources to provide these services. If you have your own stylesheet or stylebook, provide a copy so that you will be happy with my copyediting and proofreading. Or if you simply have preferences in style and punctuation, let me know before I begin.

The types of material that I can help with include:

  • newsletter

  • website

  • blog

  • brochure/booklet

  • annual report

  • employee handbook

  • cover letter

  • English as a Second Language document

  • deposition

  • report

  • proposal

  • policy statement

  • whitepaper

  • customer information guide

  • promotional material

  • catalog

My copyediting and/or proofreading will make your writing polished and professional.

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